Why Do We Travel??

Travelling is by far more enjoyable than reaching the destination. Most of us in the current age love to travel and therefore look forward to the holidays/vacations to take off. We spend a good amoun

From Listening To Meditation

In Bhagwat Puran, once Hiranyakashipu asked “Prahlad, what is the best thing you have learnt? “. Prahlad beautifully enumerates the “Nava-vidha Bhakti “ as under: Sravanam Keertanam Vishnoh

The Beehive We Tend To Miss....

It was a bright September morning. The village beyond the river, intensely passive through the night was showing slow signs of rising up. The cows in the shed shook their bodies putting in every effor

A Mark Of Simplicity

The mountains towered high as if they were touching the clouds in the sky. The unexpected bulges and the plain white boulders glistened by the hot sun simply added to the overall majesty and appearanc

To Involve, Participate Or Withdraw !!

It was a different evening at the school. The entire staff and management had gathered to bid adieu to their beloved principal who had put in relentless efforts for twenty-seven long years to get the