5 Benefits Of Horse Riding For Kids

I remember going to my mom’s house with my twins, wondering if they will be safe around her Labrador. But lets just say, that summer was all about ‘loving our happy family, a pet included.’ The

6 Things To Do In Hua Hin, Thailand With Kids

Ever since I fell in love with travelling, Thailand has ranked high on my list. Maybe it’s the geographical proximity to India, their food, their beaches, their mountains or just people. So it was o

Shapes And Alphabets Hunt For Fun Outdoor Activity

It’s funny that even though I have spent my entire life in the beautiful hills, it’s only now that I am discovering how much more it has to offer. In case you missed it, I had a ball with my twins

Play A Game With All 5 Senses

Every event in our life can be explained and divided into the five senses that our body experiences. Let’s try it. What about the addition of a baby in your house? The baby powder mixed with the sm

Nature Colour Hunt

Play-doh and Lego are by far my twins’ favourite toys. Every time they say “pass that blue one” or “I want to make a yellow cycle” I know colour has played a big factor here. Why else do you