Scholastic Soulful Stories - 7th June 2018

After being immersed in the captivating and enchanting display of a 18th century traditional leather shadow puppet art, our kids are going to get magnetized to the modern Muppets tomorrow , 7th June 2

Scholastic Soulful Stories - 4th June 2018

Art has the role in education to help children become like themselves. And if the art is combined with stories in a fun, interactive and learning way, it helps them to bring life to the stories. Schol

Scholastic Soulful Stories Writing Conclave- 5th June 2018

Welcome to the world of stories and story writing with Scholastic Soulful Stories Writing Conclave.  5th June 2018 (Writing Conclave) - is the first day to hone their writing skills with the guid

Scholastic Soulful Storytelling & Workshop- 5th June 2018

Cooking is love made edible and food art is a source of expressing your love in a unique and stylish way. Similarly, love for gardening is a seed once sown that never dies and gardening is the work fo