Cartoon Rangoli To Introduce A Traditional Indian Art Form To Kids

In India on most festive occasions, we decorate the entrance to our home with coloured art on the ground. The patterns usually include flowers, diyas (tea lights), peacocks and more. Here we give it a

Ants, Ant Pictures & More – Nature Activity For Patient Kids

It’s a fascinating world out there. No, not at the other side of the planet but right here in your backyard and even inside the walls of your house. Yes, when they said walls have ears, they were ta

Interesting Ways To Turn Your Kids Into Food Inspectors

Safe food means a lot to me as an aware mother. Like what temperature to freeze chicken at. Whether or not to boil milk? To have fresh fruit juice from a vendor or make your own or have juice in Tetra

DIY Kids Craft- A Castle Made Of Eco-friendly Materials

My twins and I were in no mood to go out. We had already made Lego scooters, read ‘Thumbelina’ for the fourth time and the iPad was not charged. That is when I saw these empty Tetra Pak cartons li

Nature Colour Hunt

Play-doh and Lego are by far my twins’ favourite toys. Every time they say “pass that blue one” or “I want to make a yellow cycle” I know colour has played a big factor here. Why else do you