Is Karva Chauth A Symbol Of Cultural Repression Or The Celebration Of Courageous Devoted Wives?

I like to believe that Karva Chauth was a brilliant strategy by overworked women of yesteryears, to get the menfolk to work and pamper them. Only, I wish they would have celebrated it once every month

Neerja Bhanot – Hers Is Not A Fairy Tale, Yet It Should Be Your Kids’ Favourite Bedtime Story

Why do we always take our daughters to a fairyland where the princess are either waiting for their Prince Charming or are being chased by wolves? I grew up reading about warrior princess Rani Lakshmib

Dear Daughter, Learn To Stand Up For Yourself!

Almost 14 years back I remember walking down the main road of Sector 35, Chandigarh with my girl gang of 4. Those of you unaware of Chandigarh, it is a prosperous town of North India, synonymous with